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Various Benefits of Green Vegetables for Health

Green vegetables have a high fiber content, and are rich in vitamins and minerals. So, do not be surprised if green vegetables are one of the types of foods most often recommended by doctors, because there are indeed many benefits of green vegetables for health. Green vegetables are a group of foods that are rich in nutrients, are not difficult to find, are relatively inexpensive, are easy to process, and can be varied into a variety of dishes. These things are a strong reason to include green vegetables in your daily diet. In addition, you also do not need to fear being overweight if you eat green vegetables, because the calories are low. High fiber content in green vegetables can make you quickly full and not hungry fast, so it can prevent you from overeating. Various Benefits of Consumption of Green Vegetables The benefits of green vegetables for health can not be separated from the content of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and various other nutrients in it. The following are some
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Get to know the term Pregnant Blank

Feel the symptoms of pregnancy and an enlarged abdomen, but how come the fetus doesn't show up on ultrasound? Lest the fetus was taken by spirits. Eits, later! Before you think this has anything to do with mystical, let's, see the following explanation. You may have heard about empty pregnancy or pregnancy without a baby. In this condition, the sac of pregnancy and the placenta continues to grow, but the potential fetus (embryo) in it does not develop. Signs of pregnancy, such as positive test pack results, nausea, and vomiting, may also appear. Is it true that Pregnancy is Empty Caused by Spirits? There is a myth that pregnancy without a baby indicates that the baby was taken by spirits. In fact, there is a medical explanation, you know. This condition is called blighted ovum or empty pregnancy. Although the exact cause is unknown, experts believe that this is due to a disruption in the chromosomes or gene carriers in the fetus. In addition, empty pregnancy can also be

When Actually Children Are Ready To Have A Cellphone

Nowadays many parents consider cell phones (cellphones) to be an effective way to always be connected with children. Parents can find out about their whereabouts and news at any time. Conversely, children can also immediately contact parents if there is an urgent need. But, if your child is ready to have a cellphone and what about the negative effects that might arise? Having a cellphone means that children can also access a lot of media, ranging from music, movies, games, videos, to television channels. Of course this can affect the child's development. Paying Attention to Maturity and Children's Needs In fact, there is no most appropriate age standard that can apply to all children to begin to be given the responsibility of using a cellphone. Age does not always indicate the maturity of children to be responsible for using cell phones. Some children mature more quickly, so that they can be given trust and responsibility at junior high school age. But other children may